Touch-Free Forehead Thermometer

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Judson Johnston

I feel lucky and happy that I ordered it, although it took around 10 days arriving this time and its price is higher than before. It works very well and just took 1 second to complete the measurement. Suggest it at this COVID-19 situation.

Sammie Blanda

Super easy to use and instructions are easy to understand. I love that you can get a quick reading from the head and a more accurate reading from the ear. it is an excellent thermometer. I also love that it is color-coded with the temperature, so I can easily read if my child has a fever or not. This is an awesome product.

Ellsworth Bernhard

I order for a second time. Everything works fine excellent device

Consuelo Rempel

The thing I love most about this is how easy it is to use. I like that you can either use this across the forehead or the ear, and it has a fast temperature read. This is really nice that it reads so quickly, especially for kids! It is a great size, easy to hold. It comes in a carry bag, which can keep it clean. I love it so much!

Lenna Yost

Works well to tell if someone has a fever. Not bad for the price.