SnowShield™ - The Windshield Snow Cover

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Farewell To Frozen Windshields! 
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Be ready for the upcoming winter season.

✔️ Universal Size Fits All Vehicles! - The universal size makes it suitable to keep ice and snow of all vehicle type windshields. Whether you have a sedan, pickup truck, SUV, or a minivan; The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover will fit perfectly over your windshield.

✔️ No More Scraping Ice or Snow Off Your Windshield! - You will no longer need to hassle with a brush or a scraper. With the Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover, all you have to do is lift, shake, and you're ready to drive! The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover will keep ice, snow, and frost off your windshield for good. Save your time and gas!

✔️ Easy and Secure Installation! - Windy weather? No problem. The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover has 6 ultra magnets, one in each corner. Our magnets will seal to your car, holding the cover securely in place, and keeping wind, snow, ice, and water out. No more hassle with these strong interior magnets. 

Update: Due to high demand, we're officially limited on supply. Make sure to place your order promptly. 

✔️ Side-View Mirror Protective Design! - The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover not only protects your windshield, but it also makes sure that your side view mirrors are not frozen and covered in snow. It's important not only to see ahead of you, and also behind you too.

✔️ Anti-Theft Protection! - Worried about your Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover getting stolen? Not to worry! The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover can be tuck into the interior of your car upon installation. This provides extra security from being stolen. 

✔️ Resistant To Many Elements! - The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover is one to withstand many hits from nature. It's not only snow, ice, and frost proof, but it is also resistant to dust, wind, and sunlight rays! We both know how much you love your car, so why not fully protect it?

✔️ Perfect For All Seasons! - Both the Black and Silver color options of The Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover give protection from snow and protection from extreme UV sunlight rays. The UV resistance reflects the incoming sunshine protecting your car and its interior from overheating. Due to its large size, the frost windshield guard also serves as the windshield sunshade, and wiper protector from frost, ice, and sun.

Snowshield™ Windshield Snow Cover Measurements:

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Customer Reviews

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Very good quality!

the material is very good, thanks!

Perfect fit

Perfect fit, nice size on my 2008 peugeot merite
5 stars, highly recommend!!


looks great, good size


Perfect!!! Is quite large and attaches quite well with the magnets have enough strength, also comes with a bag for put it, it seemed to me a great product, best of what is peraba, recommend 100%!