Handheld Toilet Bidet Sprayer

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The Safe & Hygienic Alternative To Toilet Paper That Pays For Itself

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Did you know that water bidets clean up to 90% more than traditional toilet paper wiping? Not to mention that traditional wiping can cause anal tears making you prone to infection.

The Handheld Toilet Bidet Sprayer is a simple home add-on that serves as a cost-effective alternative to toilet paper. It lets you convert your standard toilet bowl into a bidet-equipped toilet keeping you and for family squeaky clean after each restroom visit and less prone to unwanted infections. It's incredibly fast and easy to install, and best of all, you can even attach it to your kitchen, garage, and other parts of your home that comes equipped with a water pipe. A must-have essential every household shouldn't miss!

UPDATE: Due to high demand, we’re officially limited on supply. Make sure to place your order promptly.

FREE T-Adapter Included To Separate Your Toilet Water From Your Bidet Water

✔️ More Hygienic Than Toilet Paper

If you got something full of germs and bacteria on your hands or arms, you wouldn’t just wipe it with a paper towel until it came back clean would you?

Studies show that rinsing yourself with a bidet cleans up to 90% more than traditional wiping making it a safer alternative to toilet paper. Pamper up and be less prone to unwanted infections.

✔️ Fast and Easy To Install

Unlike electric power alternatives which cost a fortune and require an expert to install, this bidet spray only takes 10 minutes to set up.

We provide you a full set. All parts needed for installation are included, it does not require any obstructive and electrical modifications in your bathroom, and can be easily uninstalled if it needs to be moved to another location.

✔️ An Investment That Provides A Lifetime Worth Of Savings

Looking for effective ways to reduce your monthly household expenses? Getting yourself a bidet is a good place to start. Commercially available toilet paper can cause about $10 for a 12 pack on average. For only a price of 5 packs, you could get yourself a bidet attachment that not only cleans you better than toilet paper, it's also a one-time investment that provides a lifetime-long worth of savings. 

✔️ Wide-Range Of Usage

Not only does it serve as a bidet solely for "bathroom business" alone, but it can also act as a handheld mini power washer. Use it to wash your dishes in your sink, give your bicycle a rinse, or even give your pets a bath! Its stainless steel hose lets you wash and rinse from all angles, and you can install it in pretty much any location in your house that has a running water pipe.

✔️ Adds A Touch Of Luxury To Your Toilet

This amazing toilet add-on lets you and your guests enjoy a high-end luxurious bathroom experience! Impress your guests and leave them in a state of awe as they use your restroom. 

✔️ *Includes A FREE T-Shaped Water Separator Bidet Adapter

For a limited time only, the Handheld Toilet Bidet Sprayer comes bundled with a FREE T-Shaped Water Separator Bidet Adapter to give you more flexibility on your bidet setup. It lets you attach the bidet alongside an occupied water pipe.


  • Material: ABS + Stainless Steel

  • Nozzle Size: 123 * 65mm / 4.84 * 2.56 Inches (Approx.)

  • Stainless Steel Hose Size: 1.5m / 4.92 feet (Approx.)

  • Bracket Size: 7 * 5.5 * 4cm / 2.76 * 2.17 * 1.57 Inches (Approx.)

  • Bracket Installation Method: Wall-Mounted Or Hanging Toilet

  • Withstand Water Pressure: 0.05MPa-1.0MPa

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Handheld Toilet Bidet Sprayer

  • 1 x Hose

  • 1 x Bracket

  • 1 x Water Trap

  • 2 x Screws

  • 1 x FREE T-Adapter




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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Angel Witting

Highly recommended.

Patricia Bergnaum

This is such a well made sprayer! I used a different one for over two years and the quality and performance just does not compare! Plus it’s only $10 more than what I paid for my old one.

Some of my favorite things about this sprayer are:
-VERY easy to install. I was able to do it all myself with very little guidance from my husband

-the sprayer itself is very compact and feels light in your hand

-very easy to control water pressure and get just the right amount

-I LOVE that the second you let go of it it automatically stops spraying. I can’t tell you how many times our old one slipped out of my hand and was spraying water everywhere!

I highly recommend this to any of my cloth diapering friends and we’re definitely buying a second one to use upstairs!

Myles Tromp

Everything is perfect!

Khalil Jerde

I bought the Purrfectzone Luxury Handheld Bidet sprayer on recommendation of my mom. We were remodeling a bathroom and thought it was a great time to try it. The product arrived on time and was even followed by a handwritten note from the manufacturer. We had it installed by the plumber just in case. Within 10 mins it was ready for use. The sprayer has quite a bit of force but you can gently depress the handle to slow it down. And since it’s pulling from the toilet tank the water is cold so takes some getting used to. But it’s also a fraction of the price compared to the electric units that heat water. There is a turnoff valve at the rear for peace of mind but you don’t have to turn it off if you don’t want. After installing and using the first unit I was so pleased that I ordered a second one for my other bathroom! The first one was installed by a plumber but I installed the second one myself. It was super easy and straightforward. This is an excellent solution for anyone looking for that squeaky clean experience without breaking the bank. Get one for every bathroom!

Margarett Veum

It’s been a few months since I purchased 2 of these sets of bidet sprayer as I like to use a product like this a while before I give my opinion on the quality and ease of use. I have to say My husband and I really love these sprayer and it was definitely worth what we paid and I would have happily paid more for this particular product. We’ve had a bidet for years and we want from the seat mounted type and decided to give this a try as the seat mounted bidet like the “Tushey” ends up being quite unsanitary after prolonged use as it’s really difficult to keep clean. We’re a little fanatical when it comes to hygiene so we wanted a unit that was separate from being mounted in the toilet so we gave this a try. The sprayer has the ability to control the flow pressure and since it’s hand held, directionally controllable. It’s made with good solid steel material and not plastic which makes it durable. It’s simple to clean and there’s no leaking. I would recommend this sprayer and have recommended it to friends who also are finding it well made and easy to install and use. A+ product.