Digital Microscope Camera 1000x

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moniquie eimer
Great price and easy to use

Very happy with the scope. Took me e few minutes to get up and running. This is also going to be the perfect gift for me my 12 year old nephew. I use the scope for soldering tiny connections on circuit boards. I can see the solder joint and verify their quality. Cannot beat this for the price perfect for my needs and for fun.

Holly C
It works.

I was looking for a microscope to adjusting my Ortur Laser Master 2 bean focus. This one had the features I wanted and a carrying case. Using the software supplied I was also able to include the attached picture and also gave me some ideas for future laser projects.

very entertaining and practical item to have

I am impressed at the image/video quality of this microscope especially of the price. I literally spent half an hour looking at my pore and cleansing the blackheads out. (which was quite entertaining and pleasing to do


I had a jewelry's glass, but you have to put your face to the plant or object. Tired of doing that. I have a MacBook!IT WORKS GREAT,,, I can see very good, you have to use PhotoBooth to capture picture and see images. had to take a pic or two till the computer seen the image but after that its Super. The Usb cable is long enough to have computer on shelf and reach into my tent and look at the video image. I actually have my MacBook Hooke up to a TV, so the image from the magnifier is seen on a 50" TV,, I can see exactly the color of pistols, and the tops of any Tricome. So much fun to use around the house as well.

Scott A.
Great Camera at a Great Price!

I've always wanted a USB Microscope type camera for the work that we do and this camera fits the bill! We can get up as close to we want with many of our products to sell, our customers love the fact they can see up close detail!